The Transformation M-Pod is a design for a special kind of personal interactive functional art space, created to be used in many different ways. It can function as a place in which to work or play. The cube structure is approximately eight feet square. It is enclosed on four sides with sliding glass doors, and a glass ceiling. Surrounding the glass on five sides are a series of forty hinged panels that can be folded in and out from a solid cube, in order to form many different patterns. This hinging in and out of the panels changes the shape of the pod in many ways. It also changes the way in which the light enters the space. The folding of the panels of course also controls the degree of privacy one has inside. The cube can be completely closed or completely opened with many steps in between.

The Transformation M-Pod can be places almost anywhere with little or no foundation, and it normally does not require a building permit. The structure is made entirely from sustainably grown wood products and environmentally friendly concrete composite materials. It is designed to be a pre-fabricated structure that can be trucked to nearly any site. The Transformation M-pod could also be powered on site with the sun and/or with the wind.

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Transformation M-Pod