The Spiral Pool Pavilion is a design proposal for an interactive shade structure that can be used with or without a circular swimming pool. The pavilion can be various sizes, however this one is approximately 36 feet in diameter, and 18 feet high. It can be made of various kinds of materials such as wood, metal, recycled plastic, and/or composite concrete. The pool can also be various sizes and made of various materials, this pool is approximately 28 feet in diameter and 5 feet high.

The Spiral Pool Pavilion is made of eight triangular sections and a circular floor. The eight triangular sections nest under each other and can be rotated around a center support column. This allows the entire structure to be folded tightly together into one triangular section, and/or folded out into many different combinations. The eight sections can be arranged into a symmetrical spiral configuration, and /or into completely random configurations in order to continually alter the space in unexpected ways. This allows for the space to be totally open, totally closed, or anywhere in between.

Also around the center column are mounted two cushioned benches and a large dinning table. The table and the benches can be rotated out and around to form different configurations, or stored under each other. At the center of the structure, on the top, there is mounted a clear bubble that covers a small array of photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells are used to generate electricity, which is used to power lights and other facilities that are built into the pavilion. One large light is mounted over the table and benches on the center column. There is also a utility and storage cabinet mounted to one of the triangular sections of the structure.

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Spiral Pool Pavilion