The Solar Wave Pavilion is one in a series of my conceptual designs that explore new ways in which to merge the use of alternative energy gathering and storage systems, into the contemporary built environment. Many of these design proposals are meant to be used as structures that function as public gathering places, gathering places that can be used for various private and/or community events. In all cases, the structures are equipped with various alternative energy gathering and storing facilities, which allows them to generate, and store, alternative energy for the communities in which they are built.

The Solar Wave Pavilion would be partially covered with flexible photovoltaic cells that convert sun light into electrical energy. This electrical energy could be used directly, sent into the conventional power grid, and/or stored in batteries. The electrical energy could also be stored in the form of hydrogen gas, which could be manufactured from the rainwater that is captured off of the roof of the structure. This rainwater could also be used to water the local landscape, and/or it could be stored for other public uses.

The size of the structure can vary since it is based on a prefabricated, modular, system of components. Although various materials could be used in the construction of the pavilion, this specific design is based on the use of recycled steel. An emphasis would be placed on the use of preformed, monolithic components that require a minimum amount of secondary supports in order to achieve structural integrity.

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Solar Wave Pavilion