The Revolutionarium (a new kind of solarium) is a conceptual design study for a special kind of prefabricated, modular, interactive, functional art structure, designed to stimulate the creativity of its occupants. The structure is 26 feet in diameter and 14 feet high. It will be constructed from sustainably grown wood products, steel, and glass. There is a 12 foot diameter steel and glass cylindrical structure in the center. Four wooden screens can be pulled around the cylinder in many different ways, in order to control the amount of light and heat from the sun, which enters the steel and glass space. The screens can also be used to control the degree of privacy required by the occupant. Eleven windows around the top portion of the perimeter of the steel and glass cylinder can be opened for ventilation.

The electrical power requirements for the Revolutionarium will be supplied by a small vertical axis wind turbine, mounted on the top of the structure. Photovoltaic solar cells could also be added to supplement the wind turbine.  The electrical energy captured from the wind or from the sun, will be stored in a series of batteries housed beneath the floor.

The Revolutionarium has many potential uses including, a meditation space, yoga center, party house, greenhouse, or in this case, an office/studio. To that end, the Revolutionarium shown here, is fitted with a moveable center desk and chair structure that supports several computers. There is a specially designed light and ceiling fan combination mounted above the desk.

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