The Reformed Cube was designed to function primarily as a personal meditation space.

Six different shaped segments of the eight foot cube are hinged in a way that allows them to be opened in different combinations in order to change the shape of the structure as well as the quality of the light inside. Some of the segments at the base of the structure can be used as places to sit when they are opened to the outside. The entire structure can be moved to any location without the need for a foundation.

The cubes can also be used on the inside of an existing structure. They can be used for other applications such as a personal office, studio, playhouse, etc. The structures

can be segmented in different ways, made in different sizes and shapes, and or clustered together to form multi use spaces. The materials used to build the structures can also vary depending on the final use. Some of these materials might include, wood, metal, paper, and or composite concrete.

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Reformed Cube