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A Contemplation Transformation Space

M-velopes are one of my many functional art designs for transformable structures. They were created in order to provide a special place in which to relax. The shape and interior light quality of the M-velopes can be changed by folding the surface of the structures into many different combinations. Each plane of the surface of the structures are covered with panels that are subdivided in different ways. These panels are hinged to each other, and to the main support frame. Each panel can be moved and easily attached to the main support frame with pins at two locations. The first fixed position of the panels opens the M-velopes in many unexpected ways. The second fixed position opens the structures up much more, and there are many transformations possible when the panels are opened and/or closed in different combinations.

The all over size of the spaces can be increased by joining more M-velopes together, or by increasing the size of the basic frame and panels. Seating of various kinds can also be added. The M-velopes are designed in a sustainable manner and are often made of sustainably grown western red cedar wood, which can be stained any color.

The M-velopes may not require a foundation, and in most places would not require a building permit.

The structures are prefabricated so they can be easily transported to, and assembled onto almost any site. A small solar panel can be mounted onto the M-velopes, or nearby, if power is needed for lights, small appliances etc.

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