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(exploring the boundaries between sculpture and furniture)

My Interactive, Segmented Tables explore the boundaries between sculpture and furniture in a way that allows the user to alter their shape and/or function. Each of these low tables are made up of a series of identical segments sandwiched between two vertical support sections. After loosening the two disc shaped knobs mounted on the ends of the tables, each of the identical segments can be rotated into many different configurations around a center support rod. Each of the segments has one or more flat sides. To place something on the table, one or more of the segments can be rotated so the flat sides are up and horizontal. At this point, the tables become more functional and less sculptural.

In addition to the shape and function variations possible with each table, color patterns can also change each time the segments are rotated into a different position. The interactivity of the tables allow their form, color patterns, and/or function to be continually changed by the user. There are a very high numbers of different combinations of shape, color patterns, and functions possible by simply rotating the different segment.

Many different sizes and table shapes are possible, and they can be made of different materials.

Interactive Segmented Tables