Michael Jantzen has developed what he calls “Hot Stops,” or what might be thought of as the bus stop of the future. These high tech interactive “transit information stops” are designed to be visually exciting self-contained structures that incorporate some of the latest interactive information and communication technology.

Transit customers will be able to access visual and audio information of all kinds through interactive image screens while waiting for the arrival of their transportation. Information pertinent to the general function of the relevant transit system itself will be prominently displayed. Satellite global positioning technology will be utilized to inform riders of the current location and estimated time of arrival of the next expected transport vehicle; bus, train, plane, cab, limo, or ship. Local interactive terminals will provide access to bus schedules, system mapping, fare pricing, and weather forecasts, as well as allow ticket purchase.

In addition to interactive LCD and plasma screens, Hot Stops information shelters will incorporate colorful graphic advertisements, some of which will be presented in the form of interactive full motion video, or LED images and sounds. The image screens will present interactive advertisements and promotions with the option to download further information to a notebook computer or PDA. General internet and email access will be provided.

“The concept carries the conventional bus stop well beyond its current function of designating place and providing shelter. Michael envisions Hot Stops as information and entertainment portals for anyone in transit, anyone away from the home or office. They will be located in areas of high pedestrian traffic, malls, airports, sports arena complexes, as well as on the busy corner in place of the conventional bus stop. This is not someplace where you just wait, this is a place where you want to be, a place you can work, be entertained, engage your life while on the road.”

Michael Jantzen adds, I have generated a series of distinctive designs for Hot Stops utilizing different materials and configurations. He wants the structures to define a distinctive space with an aesthetic that contributes to the built environment.” The designer intends for Hot Stops to embrace the green movement of sustainability. Each structure will generate its own energy via building-integrated photovoltaics and be constructed largely of recycled materials. Each Hot Stops installation will be custom configured to specific site requirements from a kit of parts combining both structure elements and various imaging and communication technologies.

Features and functionality of the various site configurations will include among the following:

·Computer and PDA hookups

·Streaming advertising displays

·Internet access terminals

·Interactive multimedia product displays and promotions

·Appropriate levels of privacy, security and comfort

·Real time transportation information

·Current weather and news displays

·Emergency 911 access

·Self contained power generation

·High resolution video display

·Static graphic displays

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Hot Stops Bus Stop