The Eco-Tower is a conceptual design proposal for a special kind of Wi-Fi ready public gathering place that might be located on a university campus or in a public park. The 120 foot tall observation structure would be made of concrete and/or steel. The design consists of seven platforms, six of

which are accessible by a central spiral staircase. Plants are grown in containers that are built into the perimeter of each platform. These containers are also designed to collect and store rainwater to water the plants.

Built into the top of the Eco-Tower is a custom designed wind turbine. Along with the wind turbine are four banks of photovoltaic cells (mounted on four of the platforms) for generating electricity. This electricity is stored in batteries and/or in the form of hydrogen gas. The batteries and hydrogen gas are contained under ground at the base of the tower. The electricity and/or hydrogen gas is used for

varies purposes by the university or community in which the Eco-Tower is located.

Conceptually, the Eco-Tower is a kind of urban tree that produces and stores energy, gathers and stores rainwater, produces oxygen, and provides a unique place for people to gather together while they exercise by climbing the spiral staircase. Aesthetically, the design of the structure comes from the idea of the integrated wind turbine at the top, spinning the shape of the tower into concentric rings that form the vertical spaces below and direct the energy flow down into the surrounding community.

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